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Bites Co. was born from a love of interesting snacks and a passion for healthy living.

As a university student, Laura noticed the lack of healthy snacks in her local vending machine. It got her thinking, why should vending machines be limited to junk food?

Three years later, she turned her vision into a reality; sourcing beautiful designer vending machines and stocking them with a range of healthy, gourmet and fun snacks everyone could enjoy.


 Today, Bites is on a mission to address the lack of healthy snack alternatives available for 'the busy.' We work closely with offices, workplaces and public spaces on machine design, dietary requirements and wellness and sustainability initiatives.



It's what's on the inside that counts

We love to partner with businesses who are as passionate about quality, taste and nutrition as we are! We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality and best tastes for those who lead busy lives


Do you have a product that is delicious, interesting and comes in a convenient bite-sized package? Contact us!