Vending machines have always been about convenience; but what if they could be more?


Born from a passion for healthy living, and a love for interesting snack alternatives for all, Bites Co. is on a mission to address the lack of healthy snack alternatives in today’s market, with a fresh perspective.

Bites Company brings together a healthy and gourmet snacks selection into designer vending machines that is adaptable in design to fit architecturally designed spaces. We want offices and public spaces to have healthier snacks options which are also tasty, fun and gourmet. Our snacks are a combination of healthy, gourmet and fun, something for everyone!


It's what's on the inside that counts

We love to partner with businesses who are as passionate about quality, taste and nutrition as we are! We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality and best tastes for those who lead busy lives


Do you have a product that is delicious, interesting and comes in a convenient bite-sized package? Contact us!


Tel: +61 0426 873 852 

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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